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VALIMETA specialise in providing effective sales representation for both small and large manufacturing companies seeking to grow, develop and sustain their UK customer activities.

Redefining high standards

It is our aim to fulfil and surpass the needs and requirements of our partners and customers. Connecting people, ideas, innovation and cultures.


Building long-term partnerships

Our Partners rely on us as their trusted representative in their overseas market. We value the importance of solid communications and follow-through at all stages. We value the significance of ensuring high quality service and responsiveness.



Dedicated to quality of service

Our business is founded on trust, reputation and transparency. We bring together our partners and clients in alliances and partnerships, combining business strategy and technical engagement with a view to achieving sustainable, long-term business growth.

Marketing and product strategy 





Valimet Ltd
76 High Street, Brierley Hill, 

West Midlands  DY5 3AW

United Kingdom


Tel: +44 (0) 1562 720396


E‑mail: Info@valimeta.com

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