We understand each company will have their own individual business objectives,capabilities, leadership styles and ways of working

Some companies may wish to take small steps into the UK market whilst others may have already have a UK roadmap and require expertise to execute their plan and deliver sustainable business growth.

By initially researching, exploring and identifying opportunities together for your business, we can then tailor our approach to ensure we provide your company with the service most appropriate to your needs.

By working closely with you we will help to develop a business strategy to achieve or accelerate your market traction and we can then go onto provide ongoing support to grow and enhance your UK sales.


It starts by contacting us, we can then discuss your product and the best approach to develop your presence in the UK and the right commercial business model for you.

We are committed to providing affordable superior sales, business development and customer service support. Our dedication to ensuring we continually add value, combined with our experience and professionalism ensures your company receives the highest quality of representation available in todays UK market place.


Value added activities include:

  • Pre-selling activities to understand the background to
    new opportunities


  • Support throughout full customer purchasing process
    including preparation of business winning proposals and
    quotations and Post bid / proposal / quotation follow up activity


  • Regular contact with customers including attending
    technical and commercial meetings


  • Continually promote our partners through our established network of business contacts and relationships

  • Bridging any cultural and language barriers and buffering differences in time zones if applicable

  • Providing full administrative support where required ranging from reviewing invoice queries through to assistance with procurement and supply chain monitoring

  • Provision of market and customer developments related to customers, programmes and competitors


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E‑mail: Info@valimeta.com

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