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This is particularly true of the aerospace industry, one of the most innovative sectors of our times. In the aerospace industry alone, over 150 companies in 40 different countries rely on the unique properties of the products made by OTTO FUCHS. They are represented in this business field with over 5,000 products made from almost 100 different alloys. OTTO FUCHS and it’s subsidiary Weber Metals form the Aerospace Division of OTTO FUCHS Group.

WMI leads the forging market in North America with an outstanding reputation for first class aluminium and titanium hand and die forgings.


In 2018 OTTO FUCHS commissioned its new hydraulic press generating a 54,000 t (60k) of power into operation at the Weber Metals site in California/USA. For the third time in OTTO FUCHS history it has the world’s largest pit-mounted drop forging press in private ownership. This press is the most powerful forging press on the American continent and the most state-of-the-art machine of its kind in the world..


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